(TBT/EU)나노 물질에 대해 사용금지, 사용한도 성분으로 추가하는 내용

2023년 05월 24일 02:42
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The draft measure is required to enact the prohibition to use in cosmetic products certain nanomat erials for which the Scientific Committee on Consumer

Safety (SCCS) identified a basis of concern. This draft measure was previously notified via EU/TBT/872, however, it has been modified to include the prohibition of Colloidal Silver (nano) and the restriction of Hydroxyapatite (nano). In particular, Annex II (list of prohibited substances in cosmetic products) and Annex III (list of restricted substances in cosmetic products) to the Cosmetics Regulation are amended to uniformly implement within the internal market the prohibition and restriction of the use of nanomaterials for which a basis of concern has been identified and following the recent positive SCCS Opinion on Hydroxyapatite (nano). The adoption of this draft Regulation is needed to ensure a high level of protection of human health for cosmetic products in the EU.